We're a non-profit and we need help with using video, but where do we start?

I’ve been researching ways we can communicate well for non-profits without breaking the bank. Spending money on video production is really easy, but sometimes spending a lot isn’t even the smartest way to speak to the audience.

What I’ve discovered is that a lot of cutting edge non-profits are realizing the value in telling the stories right under their roof. They’re seeing that it’s helpful to give partners and potential donors the opportunity to see who their support is going to. The movement is, and has been for a long time, on mini-documentaries. These are stories that are told in under 5 minutes without incurring a lot of production cost. These non-profits are making several of these at a time, and using them to generate interest in their organization.
You’re obviously very aware of the fact that film can be deeply touching since it’s capturing images and sounds that tell a human story. Especially in your line of work, I think you are on the right track and that mini documentaries would be an effective communication tool to use.

You'll find examples below.

If you’re interested in telling a story we would approach that with a little more strategy. We would need to develop a plan for what stories to tell, who we’re speaking to (recruiting new donors, talking to existing ones … etc) and decide if it’s intended to entertain, inform, educate, or inspire action.

Some great (not local) examples of ‘stories with heart’ by are found here:
Old Skool Cafe (Message: What we’re doing and who it’s affecting)
Charity : Water (Message: This is what we do and help us do what we’re doing)

A documentary video, depending on what story we wanted to tell could range from $1,500-$9,000. A shorter video, with one or two testimonials would be closer to $2,000. A longer story, with more details and edits would get closer to 5 digits. A video series would fall somewhere between the two.

Highlighting a little of the area you're working in is smart, and talking to your clients and volunteers is even more effective.
Try to think of an upcoming campaign that could be interesting on camera and footage could be used for some quick, shareable videos for social media and your website. They would be very low cost with a fast turnover. Something 15-45 seconds would work well.

Keep in mind what ever direction we choose to go, the video would be high quality, and we would spend a lot of time crafting the message so it would be geared for long term use and carry on your organization's mandate.

No matter what we decide to do with video, I'm always interested in finding out what you do and how you do it. 

Let's choose a direction based on your needs and develop a plan & budget for it.

The next step in pursuing your video production would be contacting us through email or at (403) 634 0110.

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