Official Bio:

Elaine (Indenbosch) Van Rootselaar received her training in Broadcast Journalism from the prestigious Lethbridge College, has been communicating since she was 2, and working with video since 2010.
With a diploma in Communication Arts and a background in business communication, collections, agriculture, construction, sales, and web development, Elaine brings an array of academic, professional and personal experiences to her video production process.
In addition to her work in the video production and web development world, Elaine is a private pilot, flying Cessna and Piperaircraft and certified for UAV (drone) operation.
Elaine lives with her husband, David, and their pup Sergeant in the Lethbridge area.

Less Official Bio:

Hey, Elaine here.
I started Elumina Productions in early 2013, (or technically mid-2012). Before that, I had earned a diploma in Communication Arts - Broadcast Journalism since I loved working with video and stories.
A local producer/mentor hired me to edit documentary footage of a guy following humpback whales along the Canadian coast.
I thought “This, is what I want to do”.
Then a home builder asked me to produce a couple of videos, and a photographer followed suit. As I was helping them communicate for their business' I thought “This, is what I want to do for the rest of my life!”. And the rest is history.

Since Elumina’s inception, I’ve produced over 100 videos locally and internationally for non-profits, dentists, national agricultural companies, home-based businesses, and more. I don’t work alone, though. I have several reliable people that work with me to shoot and edit the video of your dreams.

I really want you to make (or raise) more money (or friends) because of a great video we’ve produced with you.

(Want more? Elumina Productions is on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.)