How is a video made?

Glad you asked.

The process is started with a pre-production meeting where we get to know your business and decide on a concept. If you aren't from Southern Alberta and we can't meet in Lethbridge or  Calgary, its just as easy to start by meeting over phone or Skype. We'll ask you questions about your video idea, your budget and schedule, and if you intend to inspire, educate, entertain, or persuade. From there, Elumina will send over a detailed proposal with details on what we'll do, when it'll happen, and how much it will cost.

When you approve of what you see in the proposal, we'll meet again (sometimes more than once or twice) to get the script just right.

After that, production begins and our best camera, lights, and mic are brought out to get the shots & sound we need.

Editing (post-production) commences immediately after where we add motion graphics, color correction, add music & voice, mix the sound, and add sound effects if necessary. Then, give us a few weeks for editing, it's pretty time consuming.

You'll get a chance to review the video before we decide it's the final version, and then it's all yours!