If you came to this page looking to contact Elumina Productions, I have good news! Fill in the form below and someone will get in touch. Tell us a little about your business, let us know when is a good time to call.

If you you came to this page looking for prices, I have sad(ish) news. I don't have pricing on my website. Our FAQ's explain it like this:

Need numbers? Videos start at $600 and can get up to $30,000. If you want to know how much the specific video idea you have will cost, send me a line and I'll get a quote to you asap.

If you need help deciding what would work best for your business (I recommend having this conversation) we can get together and figure out what kind of video would be the most effective to communicate your message well.

(TL;DR Videos are like a custom built home. If I was a home builder, you coming to me saying "I need a house, how much will one cost?" would only be the beginning of a long conversation about your needs, famiily size, location etc. before we can get to pricing. Make sense?)

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